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 The Christmas Gift

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PostSubject: The Christmas Gift   Sun Dec 21, 2008 6:57 pm

This happened ten years ago, but it seems like only yesterday. Bob and I had dated steadily since high school. We knew we were meant for each other, and told each other that after we were through with college, we'd get married. Our petting got pretty heavy during our senior year. We wanted each other badly, but knew that we had to wait before having real sex. Still we were very intimate. There was more than one evening when Jim went home from a date with semen-soaked jeans or jockeys from my having massaged his penis to the point of ejaculation. He'd always have a terrific hard-on when he was with me, and I couldn't let him suffer, so I relieved his manhood pretty regularly. It amazed me how that white creamy stuff just came out so freely merely by my touching and caressing his beautiful penis. I never gave him blow-jobs, because Ididn't think that was very ladylike, but there were times when i kissed him up and down on his shaft, or on the tip, and before long, that milky substance would start flowing freely. This went on through the first three years of college at the University of Michigan, but Bob kept begging me for sex, and there a lot of times when I could barely manage to say No, let's wait. Finally, one December evening,when we were both 21,and were engaged in some very passionate petting, I couldn't resist any longer, and I told him that my Christmas gift to him would be my virginity. He was so excited when I told him, and for the occasion he went out and bought me a very sexy set of underwear -- bra and panties -- bright red in color, and lacy around the edges. He also rented a room for Christmas Eve at the Campus Inn, which was a very nice hotel in Ann Arbor. We both phoned our parents and told them we wouldn't be home until Christmas day because one of our professors hasd actually scheduled an exam for December 24! Whether they believed this or not, we never found out, but at any rate, on the night before Christmas we found ourselves in this nice cozy room in the hotel, where, after dinner, we undressed each otherdown to our underwear. I must admit, I looked pretty sexy in that red bra and panties, and Bob had purchased some beautiful bright red silk briefs. The front of them was protruding pretty far as he took off his pants, and I could tell, he was anxiously awaiting my promised gift. I had also told Bob not to use a condom, becauseI wanted this to be as natural as possible, and if I got pregnant, this would be an added Christmas gift for both of us.After standing there in the room awhile, we both removed our underwear and let it drop to the floor and we embrased together, totally naked for the first time. As his erect penis pressed into my abdomen, I felt absolutely wonderful and not at all ashamed at what we were doing. We kissed passionately, as we pushed our bodies against each other, and then we went over to the bed and laid down, still tightly locked together. We must have played dueling tongus for at least ten minutes, and then Bob began to kiss me all around my ears and neck and shoulder, and then slowly descended down the rest of my body, ending at my vagina, where he kept flicking his tongue into and around its entrance.I was in heaven! Here was a perfect lover paying tribute to my body before satisfying himself as I knew he wanted to do. After about a half hour or so, he parted my legs, and slowly but firmly inserted his hard 9" penis into my love chamber. With every thrust, I became more and more excited, as he probed and probed the inner folds of my body, and finally, after another 15 minutes or so, exploded within me, having one great orgasm after another. He kept telling me how wonderful I felt and I responded with similar thoughts, telling him how I had dreamed of this night for several years and I didn't want him to stop. Amazingly, after his first two orgasms, Bob didn't become limp or lose his erection. He remained hard and firm and kept thrusting almost like a well-oiled machine. Finally, I came, too, and what amagical feeling that was! After probably an hour, he was exhausted and sowas I, and we fell asleep together under the blanket, still joined together at the waist. Twice that night, Bob woke me up with hard erections, and we satisfied each other in a couple of other positions. I loved it! There never was any pain tospeak of. Nothing but the wonderful feeling of his flesh inside mine, filling me with his love. The next morning, Bob gave me another present: a diamond engagement ring. He had been saving up for it for many years. We drove home Christmas day in time to have Christmas dinner with my folks and then later seeing his folks in the evening.Our final year at the U. of M. was spent as if we were married. We had sex at least a couple times a week, and enjoyed every minute of it. I got on birth control, so Bob never had to use a condom. A year after graduation, we got married, and now have two children 6 and 8 -- a boy and a girl. And every year, in December,around Christmas time we return to the campus Inn in Ann Arbor where we re-enact that first Christmas together.
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The Christmas Gift
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