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 Passing You By

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PostSubject: Passing You By   Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:44 pm

I wrote this not so long ago for my Perfect Drug. At first I contemplated to handwrite it nicely and give it to her straight, but maybe because of the Red Horse in my system at that time, I thought of something more unique and creative hehehe. So what I did was I looked for my old empty film spools (I used to be a photo geek especially on old school B&W photography because I have my own mini-darkroom then.) and went to work on my gift to her. First, I encoded this piece then layouted a four-column format for a standard 8 x 14 bond paper so that when I print this, I can cut the paper into four equal strips. After that I joined the strips using superglue then when it’s done, I pasted the end of the strip in the film spool. Then I rewound the spool so that the paper strip where this story was printed will be stored inside. I got a special black gift box, placed the film spool inside, then tied it with a bright red ribbon. When I finally gave it to her, saw the gift that I made and read this piece, for the first and only time in my life, I saw her cry like a baby, kissing and hugging me tight. Yun ang kwento behind dis kwento:

Passing you by

There came this very solemn dusk; very bleak, dark. Might have been the days that render cold winds and silent breeze; I think the cold season has just made known its presence. As the dry freezing winds brush through my hair and my exposed face, I felt a shimmer crawling up inside me as I steadily walk alone on these dark streets; hearing my own footsteps as it echoes on the walls that witness my soul passing by. And the sound would deafen the sleeping sadness that chases my every step.

Cautiously I walked, carefully avoiding the puddles of water that seems to gobble the asphalt road that lies beneath me. Funny… I have been on this street before: ‘twas lighted back then, the cemented road wasn’t rough like this one now. Along my way, I could see the traces of light that once flooded this very street, like a vision that stayed in my mind as I remember this very familiar sight.

I was about to turn and divert my attention when something caught my attention. I sensed someone ahead, approaching my path. I hesitated… I didn’t know what to do. But as the figure draw nearer, the silhouette became clearer. A woman. I muttered to myself: “Should I let her just pass by and will forever wonder who she is and what she is doing here, on my street? Or should I talk to her, ask her purpose of passing through.” I stopped for a few moments to ponder, questions inside my head suddenly merged into just one: Should I try again? Blistering feelings came in waves, urging me to follow my instincts. She seems interesting. Without anymore doubts, I went straight ahead to cross her path.

As I come closer to her, I noticed that the darkness of the street and its walls from both sides gradually grew brighter by each inch I took towards her. The place became… warmer. It seems that…. No, it can’t be. Or does she contain that elusive fire: so contagious, making the whole street so gentle… so homely, so surreal yet sublime. How can that happen…just awhile ago the cold was unbearable, but now… I feel comfort and peace… so cozy. Then I saw her eyes as i draw nearer. I began waiving my hands to get her attention when suddenly she looked at me; those eyes, that smile, then a “Hi” from her lips. I was stupefied. Yes, I tried to reply but nothing came out from my mouth. Breathing shallowed… cheeks burning red, utterly speechless. Her eyes melted the last morsel of strength that clinging helplessly on my being.

I was falling apart. She is so beautiful it defied understanding. I was like a child, chasing and grabbing any words that might rise from my mind…

Then she touched me…

And finally I was composed once again. I spoke, “I have been here the longest time in I don’t for how long, walking here everyday and it’s all the same. And then I saw you. “

As I start to forget that old street I once walked upon, I took a deep breath and look around this new street. Maybe after all, this is the road that will lead me to where I truly belong.

Since then, I never passed by the same old street again for I would take another route now, to her street, to my newfound joy. Time passed and the memory of her first glance stood still. Day and night I walked more and more. I think it’s not really the road that beckons me to struggle a seamless desire to just stride and one at a time take every step closer, not for that street but for her who changed everything with just a touch. I felt happiness inside and I don’t know what hit me. Every time I walked pass her, this growing craving I have makes me vulnerable to just past and nothing more, again and again. What does she have that astonishes me? I think I like her. No, I think I’ve fallen for her… as I take this route again, I took my time to write these words on the street walls where she can see. It is clear now. I love her. I know for sure… because all along, I was walking inside my soul… and I just met her in my heart.


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Passing You By
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