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 Text me Part II

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PostSubject: Text me Part II   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:00 pm

But there was something that kept bothering me...
I couldn't understand what was it, but it made me
fell nervous. I tried to call her but she wouldn't
answer. Nevertheless, I continued sending messages.

Suddenly one night, just three days before our
Lord's birthday. I heard my phone's message tone
again... at last!It was from her!

"Oftentyms we say gudbye 2 d 1 we luv w/o
wanting 2. Though dat doesn't mean dat we stopped
loving dem or we stopped 2 care. Sometyms, GOODBYE
is a painful way 2 say I LOVE YOU."

I was dumfounded. I didn't know what to think of.
What did she mean? I texted her back, searching
for answers, but found nothing. I called her but
she would not answer.

For the first time in my life, I felt so miserable...desperate...
empty. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to
lose her. I had learned to love her. And I wanted
to be with her forever.

The following days I felt nothing but emptiness.
It seemed that Mikaella took the life out of me.
I missed her so much...her messages...The tones
that would tell me she'd sent another loving message.
Nothing around me could feel the emptiness I felt.

Tut...tut...tut...tut...tut...just a day before
Christmas, my cell beeped again. It was her!

"Meet me at d café, 10 AM 2day,"
I read aloud, making sure the message was true,
then I jumped with joy upon hearing from her again.
Hurriedly, I got myself ready and I went to the
mall. I knew it was still early, but I wanted to
be there before she arrived.

I arrived at the meeting place ten minutes earlier.
I was surprised to see her already there, smiling
at me. She was very beautiful, Black, deep-set eyes
that spoke a thousand words; small, kissable lips;
a nose perfectly chiseled and long black hair -
everything in her was beautiful. And yes, her eyes
radiated kindness and love...but there was a flicker
of something in them...sadness?

"Hi, Julius," said the angelic voice
I had been dreaming of each night. The voice that
I had waited to hear for so long. "Please sit
down." "I am very pleased to meet you,
Mikaella," I said, as I took my seat and gave
the roses I brought for her.

"Thanks, Julius," she smiled, obviously
pleased with the roses. I knew she loved pink roses.

"You are always welcome, Love" "Julius,
I can't stay," she said, sadness in her voice,
or was it tears? "I really must go."

"But we just met, Mikaella. Can't we talk
a little longer?" I asked, pleadingly.

"I can't really. I just came here to see you
and thank you for the time you shared with me. Thank
you for everything, Julius. I will never forget
you...you will always be here in my heart."

She was looking at me straight into the eyes, and
I could really feel the sadness in her voice and
I swear, there was something in her voice and I
swear, there was something in those lovely yet lonely

She got up and smiled at me, lovingly.

"Tomorrow morning, please come and visit me,"
he said and gave me a piece of white linen paper.

I read what was written and when I looked up, she
was gone. The following day, Christmas, I woke up
early and excitedly readied myself,thinking of her.
I hurriedly went to flower shop and bought a dozen
pink roses - for Mikaella.

They lived in an exclusive subdivision.

Upon reaching their house, I told the guard who
I was and that I was looking for Mikaella.

The guard stared at me, sadness and amazement in
his eyes and told me to wait as he called the owner
of the house. As I looked at him while he was going
inside the house, only then I noticed that the house
was brightly lit.

A woman went out and walked towards me, smiling

"Hi, I'm Maria, Mikaella's mother. Please
come inside, Julius." While we were walking
towards the mansion, she explained to me why she
knew me very well - Mikaella had always been talking
about her friend, Julius. I hardly understood what
she was saying. I was busy thinking why Mikaella's
mother was crying while talking to me.

As we came near the great hall of the house, it
dawned on me that there was a wake inside, Maybe,
a relative passed away, I thought. But deep in my
heart, I was trembling and afraid.

As we entered the hall where so many people were
silently mourning while others were praying, shaking,
I asked her mother. "Where is Mikaella?"

She held my hand and silently, led me to the coffin
which was surrounded by flowers - pink roses, nothing
but pinkroses.

No words could explain how I felt when I gazed
at the coffin and saw who was lying there. The same
beautiful girl I met...

A man came beside me, I knew he was Mika's father.

"We are so glad you came, Julius. Mika talked
of you all the time. She even asked that her phone
be buried with her.

She said that in that way, you could still send
her messages and you would always be with her."

I couldn't believe everything... My mind was in

"But how can this be? We just saw each other

"That can't possibly be. She passed away three
days ago. She had been suffering from a heart disease
since she was a child," said her father.

"But..." I couldn't find the words to

"She told us not to bother reaching you, "her
mother said, still in tears," she said you
will come, and here you are.

Pain and bitterness overwhelmed me. I cried silently
beside her, staring at her lovely face, memorizing
every line of my friend's face, a face I knew I
would never forget while I was still alive.

After the internment that afternoon, I went to
the chapel she had
told me she went everyday.

Sitting there praying and crying to God, I held
my phone and typed: "U taught me how 2 care;
u taught me how 2 b kind; u shwd me how 2 lyk som;
u shwd me how 2 luv; but ders 1 thing didnt teach
me & it hurts mor - u didnt teach me how 2 let

I sent the message, and though I knew she wouldn't
be able to hold her CP again, I knew in my heart
she would get my message. I never expected a reply,
yet as my phone beeped again,felt a shiver down
my spine. The sender's number did not appear on
the screen, and tears rolled down my cheeks as I
read the message.

"Let go of d hand of d person u love, but
dont let go of God's hand. 4 if u hold 2 his hand.
He may b holding d person u love n d ader hand 2
let u hold each other again."

"I will never forget you, Mikaella and will
never let go..." I vowed to her and to myself
as I left the church.

Mikaella brought out something about me that I
never knew I had; I realized I could also be a romantic
person... even if it's just through text messaging.

"Keep me as a frnd & I will keep u in
my heart. Lock it up & throw away d key so dat
no1 can evr tke u away from me..."
One day, she sent this message to me.

I replied: 'In life, we seldom find a true prson
& f u evr find 1, hold on & nvr let go...
value dat prson coz it's lyf's gift worth keeping
& holdin on..."

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R-18 Elite Modearator

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PostSubject: Re: Text me Part II   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:08 pm

Nice story......

thanx for posting,,,,,,

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


Mau nlng mag R-18 kaysa Mag Inadik Kag mag Baligya Drugs

Mau nlng mag R-18 kaysa Mag Inadik Kag mag Baligya Drugs
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PostSubject: Re: Text me Part II   Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:28 pm

Arrow ahai. . .

nice story. Sad

enx2x sah post. Very Happy

nagpalanindog man balahibo qoh bah. lol!

Arrow nd mg-fall sah txtmate/d nah lang magtxtmate.

ki madugangan pah gd ang mga emo.

hahahah!!! lol! Peace!Ö

♪♫♪[d] @ V ! [d] ♪♫♪
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PostSubject: Re: Text me Part II   

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Text me Part II
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