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 first time of REGINA

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PostSubject: first time of REGINA   Sun Dec 21, 2008 5:58 pm

The first time for me was special and satisfying but being only a couple of months a teenager, having never dated and very naive not one of my most intelligent decisions. We had a family friend who was 19 and had dated my sister Jill when they were around 16. Although they no longer dtaed he was still a good friend of the family and would stop by from time to time. I had also had a major crush on him since I was a little girl and having red hair he always called me "carrot top'. One Saturday around noon he stoppesd by the house. My Dad was out of town and my Mother and Jill had just left for the mall. I had bee at my best friends house swimming and had come home to get something to eat. When Jamie showed up i invited hin to eat with me and he stayed. We took our food to my room since I had the best TV in the house and sat on my bed while we ate. When we finished I took the things back to the kitchen and he stayed to finish the program we were watching. When I came back and sat down beside him he said "Carrot Top you sure have become a beautiful young lady." I felt a blush come on nad thinked him. Then he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I thought I would faint. I told him thanks then he pulled me close and kissed me on the lips. A couple more onhe lips and and told me to open me mouth alittle and he would teach me how to really kiss. He frenched me and I could not believe what was happening. He was an excellent teacher and after a few minutes I was totally with the instructions on how to enjoy a real kiss. Later as we were in the middle of a kiss he put his hand on my breast. When i didn't say anything he untied my top and began playing with what little bit I had. I was not very well developed and weighed only 90/95 pounds. As we were doing that I had a tingling down below which i didn't understand. He was playing with my breast and kissing me when he eased me down on the bed, took my top off and went down on my breast with his mouth and began running his tongue around the nipple stimulating it. I had never even kissed a guy until that day so he had me very confused and my mind was wondering. When I felt his hand on my thigh I told him we need to stop but he said we would just male out a little more. He moved his hand placing it on the outside of my swimsuit crotch and touched me gently as he continued mouthing my breast. I reacted to his hand by moving my hips a little and he began to rub harder driving me crazy. Then he sat up and started pulling the bottom down. For some strange reason I ended up letting him take them off. I was so embarrassed that he had me totally naked and i pulled the bedspread over me. He reached under the spread put his hand between my legs then said " a little excited huh?" and I answered "a little". He chuckled and said " feels more than a little to me". Almost immediately he ran a finger inside me and I shivered all over. He said "WOW !" and I asked "what?". He asked if i didn't know what he was talking about and I told him no. Then he told me that when he put his finger in me that I had "came big time'. I didn't even understand the significance of it at the time. He continued to finger me while we kissed and I began to shiver and he said " good lands, you're amazing!" He stood up and started to loosen his belt and I told him " we can't do that!" He stopped, looked at me and said "You can't waste like that, Jill never did that." I asked "You mean you and Jill did it?" When he said "yes" I guess my sibling competitive side took over. By that time he was taking his jeans off and I turned my head not wanting to look. He got under the covers with me kissed me a few times then eased my legs apart and I felt him spreading my clit with his fingers. I told him again that we need to stop and reminded him that he had promised. He just replied "I will before I do anything." Without another word he moved between my legs and I felt his penis against me then slowly begin to penetrate me until he was completely in. A couple of good strokes from him and female instinct took over getting in perfect time with him. All of a sudden my whole body started to quiver and I screamed "Oh my god!" AS soon as I got that out He Whispered "Bad timing girl". I asked "What do you mean?" All he said was "You're really wanting this" and I felt a warm sensation inside me and I let out with another big sigh and reacted by pushing hard to get him deep as I could. Then I pleaded with him to tell me he hadn't done that to me. He continued for a few more seconds making sure he had completely satisfied me then pulled out. Then he said " That should take care of that problem just hope that it doesn't give your a bigger one to deal with...understand?" I was pretty sure I knew what he meant but asked "A Baby?". He laughed and said "smart girl". We both put our clothes back on nad as he was leaving he slapped me on the butt and said " I'm really sorry , I didn't think you would go that far and never thought you would be that good. It wasn't my intention to try and get you pregnant so I truly hope you don't." Then he left. The next day I was in my room when Jill walked in with my swimsuit bottom in her hand. She had found them while doing laundry. She held it up and said "What's this?" pointing to the messy crotch. I told her that I had a bad discharge the day before hoping she would go away but she began the question me more. Finally I broke over and trold her I had been with someone. When she asked who just blurted out "Jamie". She yelled "That asshole!" Then came "Did he not use a condom?" Being embarrassed I yelled back "Did he with you?" She lookesd at me sat down and begin to tell me how he had tried the whole time they dated to get her to have sex but that she never did. Then I told her he had not used one. She asked me when my period was due and how I had felt while we were doing it. I told her my period was due in a couple of weeks then began explaining to her how my body had throughout the whole thing and told her the most intense happened just before he came. She hugged me then asked me if I realized there was a good posibility that he may have gotten me pregnant with all that going on. I told her yes that he had promised not to do anything and by the time I realized he was going to it was too late. Then she picked up the phone, put it on speaker and called Jamie. When he answered she just asked him why he would do that to me. He told her that he had just planned to make out with me for a while because I was so young but when he got me to take my clothes off then get me to come twice he decided to try and screw me but figured I wouldn't go that far. When I cooperated he told her he had planned to just poke me then stop but when I had another orgasm he decided to come in me dispite knowing there was a chance of knocking me up. Then she asked him why he hadn't use a condom. He told her I hadn't ask him to so he took advantage of that because he had never gotten it without one. He told her agian that he had planned to pull out until I had the orgasm with him in me. He said he had never seen anybody that horny and wanting it that bad and that I confirmed that by my reaction as he came with full knowledge that he didn't have one on. Then he said that dispite my age and being a virgin that I was great in bed and could be proud of that. She said "You Jerk!!!" Then she told him he beeter hope I didn't get pregnant because he would be in real trouble including that he could go to jail because of my agend she hung up. The next few day were very stressful wondering if had made a grave mistake yet I had mixed feelings knowing my first time had been with someone special to me. Then my period was late adding to the tension and I thought for sure I had gotten pregnant. Thankfully it finally came but much heavier than usual which made me wonder if he had nearly accomplished his goal. I called him to tell him he hadn't been man enough to get me pregnant even with all my help. He said "maybe next time" and I replied "in your dreams".
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PostSubject: Re: first time of REGINA   Sun Dec 21, 2008 6:21 pm


boss nabsa ko na ni,,,

quite nice story,,,

astig si regina,,,


1st to post reply....



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first time of REGINA
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